We value God's Love for us as expressed for us in Jesus Christ (Rom 5:8)...This is the Word of God(Jn. 1:1). We desire to share this Word with everyone in order that they may find Rest found only in Jesus.

We believe that the most effective and authentic way of sharing the love of Jesus is through personal relationships. Cherry Hill is a place that is open all through the week for the primary purpose of providing a place for personal relationships to form, grow, and be strengthened,  We value interacting with people, getting to know their name and their story, and sharing in their life experiences. Our prayer is that out of those simple interactions spiritual questions can be answered, needs can be met, and lives changed.

Cherry Hill Church and Community House serve as a visual and physical representation of Cherry Hill's commitment to meet the needs of our church community, with a sincere intention to be open to the surrounding community. While the facility serves as a primary place for worship services, it is intended to be multifunctional, providing the space needed to develop and expand community initiatives primarily through the Community Ice Cream & Coffee House.